Dirt Bags always look best with some weight in the pockets. Grab a good luck crystal, lip gloss, wallet, sunglasses, scarf, and some'll see.

The patch should land in the middle of your back. When the patch is up by the shoulder blades, it is too high and the pockets will be too far back.
Bring it down and load it up!

Break in your bag! The more you wear the bag the more the canvas and leather will contour to you. If you have a waxed cotton bag, the cotton shines up the more you wear it. 

Play around with the strap lengths to find the right spot for you.


Criss-cross your straps and snap! You can boogaloo all night long and your
bag will stay put. 


Although you can sit with your dirt bags still on, you can take them off when driving! I do sometimes wear my bags when driving but
one strap always slips off. Then I realized, I never drive with a purse on my shoulder!

If your bag pops a snap or needs any repairs, let us know. We can fix just about anything here in LA.